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Email marketing platforms are designed to create and manage effective email campaigns at scale. Here are some of the leading email marketing platforms ranked by our team to help you engage with your prospects and customers.

Mailchimp Our Top Pick
Our Take

Mailchimp is our top pick because it has a user-friendly interface with a minimal learning curve — if any at all. After signing up for Mailchimp’s free trial, we started playing with the drag-and-drop email editor. We chose one of Mailchimp’s pre-designed templates and added and removed blocks as necessary. We also used the AI Creative Assistant to come up with what to write in the content blocks.

The other main capability of the platform is the Customer Journey Builder. After creating some test emails and contacts, we tested the Customer Journey Builder. We were able to schedule our emails to be sent to our contacts after a certain trigger happened (e.g., five minutes passed). Given the intuitive layout of the platform, we didn’t have to watch YouTube videos, read help center articles or seek any other help from outside resources to figure out how to use either of these features.

Pros and Cons
Pros Database of email templates Free plan for up to 500 contacts Cons Limited customer service for lower plans Limited to one user for free plan

Below are some of the top SEO platforms ranked by our team to help you enhance your website’s organic performance, optimize your search engine visibility and drive more traffic.

Ahrefs Our Top Pick
Our Take

We gave Ahrefs the superlative of Best Overall because it’s a comprehensive, all-in-one tool. It can help with rank monitoring, competitor research, backlink analysis, keyword research and more.

That being said, we struggled to assess the user experience of Ahrefs because there isn’t a free plan or free trial. It does have a set of free tools, called the Webmaster Tools, which helps with basic SEO tasks, such as identifying broken links. After signing up for these tools, we found them to be similar to Google’s free tools (more on these later). As we have used Google’s tools in the past, Ahrefs tools were easy to learn. However, these tools are just the tip of the iceberg of what Ahrefs offers, so we didn’t get to conduct a full assessment.

Pros and Cons
Pros Large database of over 7 million keywords for keyword research Basic SEO capabilities available for free through Webmaster Tools Cons No free trial

SMS platforms are tailored to facilitate direct communication with customers and prospects via text messages. Below are some of the top SMS marketing platforms ranked by our team to help you reach and engage with your audience more effectively.

Textline Our Top Pick
Our Take

Upon looking at Textline’s prices, we were concerned that it was two or three times more expensive than the other providers on our list. However, after testing the platform, we now understand that it provides many more features than the others, putting its higher price tag into perspective.

Textline has a few unique features that we enjoyed testing. For one, it has a universal inbox. You can use this inbox to have two-way text conversations with customers. However, it can also pull in direct messages (DMs) from your social media accounts so that you can see and answer them all in one place. We also liked that you can customize the text messages. For example, you can greet the recipient with their name to make it more personalized.

Pros and Cons
Pros Personalizes pieces of information (e.g., recipient names) for mass texts Manages text messages and social media messages in one place Cons Doesn’t include carrier fees in the monthly pricing Limits integrations to the Standard and Pro plans

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